Facts about our Mulch

• A mixture of soft wood shavings and chopped wheat straw bedding from race horse stables and bull barns.

• Mixed, piled and composted for a full year. In the second year it is then cured and ready for use.

• As a composted and manure based product, it has a high nutrient level of natural fertilizer. This means your plants have the added benefit of soil enrichment.

• As the mulch breaks down it provides added nutrients to your beds!

• The material is put through a 3/4 inch screen, producing a fine textured mulch, free from lumps or stones.

• Even though it is stored outside like every other mulch, we find it contains very few weed seeds.

• Because it is NOT dyed and coloured tree bark, it looks much like the colour of soil when applied, giving your gardens a more natural look.

• Its insulating value keeps your plant roots cool and moist.

• When applied at a 3 inch depth, we find it is very suppressive to weed emergence in flower beds.

• After the first application, we recommend topping up the mulch on a regular basis.

• Discount schedule for repeat customers.

• Sold by the cubic foot or cubic yard.

A locally owned and operated business

Serving Bayfield and the Lakeshore Area